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New York Bar Exam Review Course Options

Students preparing for the New York Bar Exam are faced with one of the most difficult bar exams in the country.  The overall pass rate for the July, 2014 exam was 65%.  Some of you unfortunately received your bar results for on October 27, 2015 and were faced with bad news. The good news is […]


Quick 10 Checklist for Bar Examination Packing!

Alright, all you bar examination takers!  Last week Louisiana took their bar examination!  Yah Louisiana!  Now it is a lot of other states’ turn.  As you prepare to get ready for your hotel stay: Remember to Bring These 10 Items (this list is not exhaustive) when packing for the bar examination.  Pack your bag three […]


LSAT Study Schedule

An important factor in performing well on the LSAT is to carefully create a study schedule that works for you and stick to it.  Ideally, you will start to prepare for the LSAT at least 8-12 weeks in advance.  However, you can design a plan that fits into your timeframe.   As you review the […]


Identifying and Handling Stress During Legal Exams

The stress of a law school, or any challenging academic program, can reach extreme levels.  Many students are able to lean on friends, family, and university staff.  Some students, however, have difficulty either realizing the level of stress they are experiencing or acknowledging that they need help.  Others, while they do know that they need […]


Don’t Apply to Law School Without Asking Yourself These 5 Questions:

Can I Shadow An Attorney? If you are thinking about going to law school the first thing you should ask yourself is:  Can I Shadow An Attorney?  Before a potential student decides to take the LSAT, before you decide to talk to law school counselors, before you decide to talk to your family – decide […]


Griffon Preparation Services

Griffon Preparation Services offers LSAT Prep courses from its Washington, D.C. offices.  Founded in 2005 by two experienced LSAT instructors, Bernadette Chimner and Jeffrey Glazer, Griffon Prep has been able to distinguish itself from the larger, nationally recognized LSAT prep schools by focusing on individual attention to its students. Griffon Prep offers LSAT prep sessions […]


Five Tips to help Law Students Jumpstart Preparation for Final Exams

It is never too early in the semester to think about final exams and start mapping out strategy.  Preparation for law school exams is not something that you should begin a few days before the exams.  Preparation is more akin to a marathon.  You should start early and pace yourself.  Do not attempt to cram.  […]


Finding the Right Fit

Several years ago a friend of mine whose practice focused on corporate transactions was considering 2 candidates for 1 associate position.  He knew both candidates well as he worked with each of them at a previous firm.   They were in the same class and had an equal amount of experience.  Candidate #1 had a big […]


Finding Support in Law School

Let’s face it.  Law school is not known to be a nurturing environment.  Over 30 years later, the 1970s novel-based TV series, The Paper Chase, in many ways still reflects the reality of the law school experience.  Law school tends to be a competitive, no-nonsense environment.  Grades, class rank, and law review status still determine […]


Finding Scholarships for Law Schools

Law school is expensive.  This is not news.  In addition to the cost of tuition, law school case books and other materials can add up to thousands of dollars over a 3 year period.  Plus, there are living expenses such as rent, utilities and food.  Of course, student loans are available.  However, the prospect of […]


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