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Being Productive While Waiting on Law Schools

Tom Petty sang about the waiting being the hardest part. He must have applied to law school. The process of applying to law school can be long, hard and exhilarating. But once all of your applications have been submitted, it can also be incredibly boring. You wait, check your online application status website and wait some more for your acceptance and scholarship offer letters.

It seems like an incredible waste of time, unless you make the most of it. Here’s how:
Law School Application And Tutoring

    • Start networking. That brief period of time between when you have applied to law school and when you are accepted is the golden hour. You’ve done enough to show that you are serious about a career in law but you aren’t far enough along in the process to view everyone you meet as a prospective employer. This makes it more likely that lawyers will meet with you for informational interviews.

      Lawyers enjoy helping others, especially if they don’t think the others are trying to get something from them. So use the golden hour to set up informational interviews with attorneys. Ask questions, take notes and remember to follow-up to say thank you.Doing so could pay off down the road.


    • Study your financial plan. These days, the vast majority of law school students are awarded scholarships. After you have submitted your applications, start scenario planning for your financial future. Create budgets based on a few different scholarship levels–15, 50 and 75 percent, for example–and then start planning to stick to them. Prepare for the worst possible scenario but hope for the best.


    • Change your mind. Law school is a huge investment, even if you receive a full scholarship. When you are accepted and once you have enrolled, your life will change dramatically. You won’t have as much free time, you will be tired and you will feel uncomfortable a majority of the time. So take a few days and tell yourself that you are not going to law school.Come up with another plan for your future. See if you can live without becoming a lawyer and if you are happier when you don’t have the constant pressure of law school hanging over your head. It may change your mind.


  • Hire a tutor. If you are serious about law school, hire a tutor and get started on your studies. Hitting the ground running can give you an advantage over your classmates.

This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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