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Quick 10 Checklist for Bar Examination Packing!

Alright, all you bar examination takers!  Last week Louisiana took their bar examination!  Yah Louisiana!  Now it is a lot of other states’ turn.  As you prepare to get ready for your hotel stay:

Remember to Bring These 10 Items (this list is not exhaustive) when packing for the bar examination.  Pack your bag three to four days before the bar examination (basically now).

This list is not exhaustive, but do remember to bring:

  1. Identification: Bring your identification.  This is a must.  You must show who you are and bring a government issued identification with your photo.  This must be carried at all times during the examination.


  1. Admission Ticket: Your admittance ticket contains your applicant number, your file number, and your NCBE number.  Do not write anything on the ticket. You must show your ticket when you enter. You must keep it in your possession during the exam.


  1. Alarm Clock (Bring as Many as Possible): Please grab a couple alarm clocks and make sure that they are working and have all the batteries, etc..  Test the alarm clocks before you leave.  You must be seated in some states by 8:20 a.m.  If you arrive too late you will not be permitted to enter.


  1. All Laptop Equipment: Make sure that all the laptop software is installed and ready (in some states this security and certification process must be completed by July 24, 2015- see #7).   Bring all cords, all laptop equipment.



  1. Silent Analog Watch: Make sure to bring something to manage your time during the examination.  Do not forget to stay on and manage your time!!


  1. Clothing Layers: Remember to bring your clothing layers so that you will be comfortable on the day of the exam.  If you get cold, put on a sweater.  If you get hot be able to wear a tank top.  Make sure you know what you can and cannot bring into the examination room.


  1. Copy of Bar Examination Test Taking Information: This is important.  Go to your bar examination website and make sure to print out a list of the bar examination general instructions.  This will have all the information from the Committee of Bar Examiners concerning your state’s test.  Please check your own state’s rules and regulations:  For example, see California’s Bar Examination Applicant Information on the California Bar Examination Website:   http://admissions.calbar.ca.gov/Portals/4/documents/gbx/BXAdmittanceTicketLtr0715_R.pdf


  1. Tiny Items: If you need feminine hygiene items, or feel you will need them, please do not forget to bring these.  If you need your medication – bring these items with you when you pack!


  1. Cash, Credit Card: Make sure to pull out some cash before you leave for your hotel.  You may need some cash during your examination for your lunch breaks.  Some states do not allow you to bring your wallet into the bar examination room.


  1. Glasses:  If you wear glasses, if you wear contacts –do not forget to bring any and all items you need to properly read the examination.  Do not bring the glasses’ case into the exam room!

Again check your own state’s list and requirements.  This is only general information.  You must check your own bar examination instructions!

Good Luck from Everyone Here at FindMyLawTutor!

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