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Rebuilding Your Motivation in Law School

It has been said that law school is a marathon, not a sprint. And like most people who have ever run a marathon, law school students eventually hit the proverbial wall. For marathoners, it happens sometime between miles 18 and 22. That’s when their legs begin to feel heavy, their mind begins to tell them the pain isn’t worth it and their will to go on just, seems to vanish. Motivation, it seems, is nothing but a memory.

law School Motivational Lectures

For law school students, the wall can strike at any moment, but it usually rears its ugly head right before assignments are due, with exams quickly approaching. It’s as if someone has thrown a bucket of cold water or a wet blanket on you; you just can’t seem to get fired up about law school anymore.

If you’re a marathoner, you push through it. If you’re a law school student, you follow this three-step guide for rekindling the fire that once burned deep in your belly:

  • Look back. If law school is a marathon and you have hit the wall, chances are good that you are only looking at all the time and hard work you have ahead of you–and that can seem daunting. Instead, stop for a moment and take a look back at all that you have already accomplished.Regardless of where you are in your law school career, you’ve already accomplished more than most. You took the LSAT, applied, got accepted and then put a bunch of classes behind you, moving you closer than you think to your goal. Take a look back and then take pride in knowing you’re closer to your goal than you think.


  • Look ahead. . After you are done looking back, refocus on the bigger picture. Think about your career goals, your dreams and how good it will feel to graduate and land your first job. Keep your eyes on the ends, not the means. In other words, dream bigger than your next course or exam.


  • Have some fun. . If you spend hours in thinking about law school, you are bound to burn out eventually. Everyone needs a break; even the president plays a little golf from time to time. So make time for some fun. Take a day and do nothing that is related to law school. You’ll be surprised how having a little fun can recharge your motivation in a hurry.

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