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Six Questions To Ask When Picking the Perfect Law Tutor or Tutoring Program

The question our website most often receives is who is the right law tutor for me and what qualities should I look for? This is often a difficult question and needs to be answered individually by each student but here is a list of 6 question topicsyou should look for in your search for the perfect law tutor:

  1. What Kind of Course?
  2. Best Study Method?
  3. Time Constraints?
  4. Credentials?
  5. Price?
  6. Connection with the Tutor?

First: What kind of course do I need? Do I need a comprehensive course or do I need tutoring in a specific area? This question is important for any test taker and should be your first. If you are taking tests for the first time- whether it be the LSAT, law school tests, or the bar you might want to start out with a comprehensive overall study course. This kind of overall study course will allow you to pick up the basics of how to take the test. An overall study course will also most likely provide you with the most practice tests and overall pitfalls of any law type test. Did you score low on the LSAT, low on law school exams, or fail the bar? Then you might need to look at a specialized tutor for your specific weaknesses. Maybe you need help with a particular subject or a particular section of the test. Then you no longer need a comprehensive course – you will need to focus on your area of weakness. Make sure that the tutor you choose will focus and address your weaknesses andhas success in that area.

Second: What is your best study method? Do you work well in a group setting? Do you need individual one on one time? Make sure that you know how you study best. You might need others to bounce ideas off of. You may want a group setting to meet other study buddies to keep you motivated. Other people may need to study alone and may need a tutor to meet with them one on one. If you have a particular weakness in one area you may also want to meet with your tutor alone to address and work on specific areas. Some tutors also have group classes and individual one on one tutoring. Make sure that the tutor you choose will be able to tutor you in the setting that you learn best whether it be individual, group, or both.

Third: Do you have time constraints and need particular times with your tutor? If you have a child, a husband or loved ones you need to take care of on a schedule you might want to consider an individual tutor to work with your time schedule. If you take a group class and will have trouble making the time requirements this will only serve to be an added stressor on your life and your tutor is supposed to make life easier not harder! Ask your tutor for their scheduled classes and also whether they will be able to meet with you one on one so that it works with your schedule.

Fourth: Don’t forget to ask your tutor what his or her credentials are or for some recent testimonials of students. Did your tutor get a high score on the test they are tutoring you on? Did they get some kind of training that makes them certified? What do their former students say regarding their tutoring? Testimonials can mean the world and are important when trying to find a tutor. Make sure to ask your tutor for some recent testimonials or to talk to some former students. If your tutor is just starting out it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them just make sure that their price is in accordance with their level of teaching.

Fifth: Price! Yes, price. You will be spending a lot of money over the course of your law career and you do not want to feel uncomfortable with the price you are spending. Yes, some tutors will charge thousands of dollars and be worth it, but others might charge a fraction of that price and be just as good. However, at the end of the day you want to be sure that the amount you are spending on a tutor is one that will leaving you feeling good at the end of the night. Make sure that you contact as many tutors as possible that fit your criteria and then ask what packages are offered. Some tutors may look over your tests for a fraction of the costs and charge a reduced fee just for feedback. However some tutors only offer a basic package and will not be able to work within your budget. First, try to contact as many tutors as possible. Then try to talk to the tutors you are most interested in and see if they may be able to tailor their program based on your price requirements and needs.

Sixth: The last question you need to ask yourself is do you have a connection with this tutor or tutoring program? So you’ve found a tutor who focuses on what your needs are, has a good study method from which you think you can learn, and is at a good price. Do you think you have a connection with the tutor or tutoring program? This is an important question. Often you have to “trust your gut” when it comes to this kind of question. If you feel uneasy about the tutoring class or about the tutor we cannot say this enough: Do not take the tutoring program or pick the tutor!! One of the most important criteria is that you feel comfortable and confident with the person who chose to help you succeed in your studies.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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