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Strangest Halloween Laws

Ah Halloween, the best unofficial holiday of the year. It’s the time of year where we are actually encouraged to match our outward appearances with our inner freaks, ghouls, and monsters. Usually traced back to the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, Halloween is a prelude to the Christian All Saint’s Day, a day to remember the dead, and this goes right in line with the ghoulish and hauntingly scary outfits that one might expect to find during this day. It’s a day to let our inner creativity shine and show the world what we imagine ourselves to be, but occasionally, we are confronted and hindered by some of the strangest and oddly specific laws in the country. For example…
Halloween Laws to Celebrate

You need a permit to wear a mask if you live in Walnut Creek, California. The specific wording of the law states that, “No person shall wear a mask or disguise on a public street without a permit from the sheriff”. It makes you wonder, just how many permits do they issue every year?

Don’t bother trick or treating if you’re past the 8th grade in Bellville, Missouri. The mayor signed a city law banning anyone older than an average 8th grader to go trick or treating. The logic? He feels that Halloween is for the children and should remain so. Maybe someone forgot to tell him about or invite him to all those adult Halloween parties?

Don’t dress like a priest if you are celebrating in Alabama. State law prohibits the dressing up as a clergy member and is liable to get you arrested and fined. Now just how are we supposed to honor the saints now?

Halloween falls on a Sunday? Forget it. In Rehoboth, Delaware, Halloween is pushed back to the 30th of October if the 31st falls on a Sunday. Seems harmless right? Well, residents are only allowed to trick or treat between 6pm-8pm…on a Saturday? Come on.

How about a $1000 fine for Silly String? In Hollywood, California, law officials have made it illegal to even carry around Silly String between 12am October 31st and Noon November 1st. If you get caught, be ready to pay the hefty fine of $1000.

Well they do say mischief is part of the holiday right?


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