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Summer Fun or Summer School: Why School is the Better Choice

Beer, beaches and boats or more casebooks and the occasional study break?

As spring semester winds down and you finish your exams, you may find yourself weighing the pros and cons of taking the summer off versus enrolling in summer school.

Before you make any exam-induced decisions, consider the following:

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an either/or proposition
At most law schools, summer break lasts nearly three months. Summer courses usually run about seven weeks. This means you can take a class or two and still have time to relax and refresh before fall semester begins.

Summer school allows you to truly focus on an area of law
If you’re really interested in one specific area of law, taking a single summer school class in that area can open a lot of doors for you. You’ll have more time to really dive deep into the subject matter. And because the classes are smaller, you’ll have more face-time with your professor—a bona fide expert on the topic who likely knows practitioners who might be able to help you.

Summer school allows you to make connections that could someday help you
While everyone else is away from campus enjoying beer, beaches and boats, you’ll be gutting your way through another course with a small group of dedicated students. Nothing brings people together like sitting together in a classroom or studying late into the evening while “everyone” else is out having fun (See: Breakfast Club). Chances are good you’ll bond with your classmates like never before. And chances are better that you will someday become a source of referrals for one another once you graduate.

Graduation will be closer
Think about it: Taking a summer school course brings you one step closer to graduation. It also means you’ll have less stress on you down the road because you’ll be able to reduce your class load in subsequent semesters. Remember, the sooner you graduate, the sooner you can start working as a lawyer, helping people and getting paid. That’s what law school is all about.

So, as you think about your summer plans, seriously think about summer school. The beer, beaches and boats will be waiting for you after you earn your J.D.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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