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Exercising in Law School: Put Down the Books and Hit the Treadmill!

There is no doubt that the workload put on law school students is some of the most demanding anyone could handle. And, it’s important to be able to keep up with all the study materials that the professors hand out. If not, you can expect no less than a failing grade. That being said, it […]


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Last Minute Prep LSAT

LSAT Exam Prep

You’ve been studying morning, noon and night for weeks. You haven’t seen your friends or your favorite team play since just after opening day. You’re not even sure what day it is but you know exactly how many days there are until you take the LSAT: One. You’ve worked hard and you think you’re ready. […]


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We Pose the Question, Should You Postpone Your LSAT?

December or February? That’s the question you may be asking yourself as you prepare to take the LSAT. How you answer the question is important–it can mean the difference between getting into the law school of your choice and having to go to your second or third choice. It can also mean the difference between […]


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Master’s Degrees and Law School Admissions: Do They Help?

The path to a law degree doesn’t always follow a straight line. Years of work experience in another career, or studies in another specialty, may intervene. But how much weight does educational achievement in the form of advanced degrees like a Master’s carry when it comes to your law school application? And how does that stack […]



Things to Do to Prepare for the Upcoming Year of Law School

Law school is generally considered a very stressful time. All the new information and law school-related quirks can be overwhelming and consume a lot of time for both the new – and seasoned – student. However, the more prepared in advance, the more successful you’ll be. Here are a few things that you can do […]


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