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Prepping for Law School During the Summer

Successful Law Career

Ah the lazy days of summer. Fluffy white clouds drifting pleasantly across the sky. Crystal-clear water lapping at your toes. Time standing still. No responsibilities. No pressure. Nothing to prepare for each day—unless you’re heading to law school this fall. For rising law school students, summer vacation is a unicorn, a fallacy, something that only […]


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The 5 Most Important People You’ll Meet in Law School

You’re going to meet a lot of people during your time in law school. Some will inspire you while others will make you wish you’d never taken the LSAT. Some will play an important role in shaping your future, others will tell you they’re important without ever taking the time to remember your first name. […]


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3 Reasons You Should Stop By Your Law School This Summer

It’s official: summertime has arrived.  Some of you have externships. Some of you are volunteering. Some of you are studying abroad. And some of you are relaxing after a stressful year. All of you should make some time to stop by your law school this summer. Here’s why: It’s a great time to get to […]


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Selling Yourself in Law School

Networking, for many people, might as well be a four-letter word.  The act of acting interested in others to gain a professional advantage can seem frightening, disingenuous or just plain gross. After all, everyone had insecurities and no one enjoys feeling vulnerable. Unfortunately, networking is a necessity. It’s still the best way to find a […]


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