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Summer Study Abroad Programs: Memorable Experience with Great Value

The winter winds are on their way in, and snow is right around the corner—so naturally it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this coming summer. If you’re not graduating in the Spring, you may want to consider packing your bags and studying the law in a foreign country. Great experience […]


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3 Reasons You Should Stop By Your Law School This Summer

It’s official: summertime has arrived.  Some of you have externships. Some of you are volunteering. Some of you are studying abroad. And some of you are relaxing after a stressful year. All of you should make some time to stop by your law school this summer. Here’s why: It’s a great time to get to […]


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How to Find a Summer Law Internship

The summer law internship. It’s as important as it is elusive. The right internship can give you access to working attorneys, real-world experience and a paycheck. It can prepare you for a successful career and help you make connections that could lead to your first job. That’s why landing a good summer law internship is […]


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