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How to Get Through Lots of Boring Reading

Law School Course

If law school is known for anything, it’s known for making students endure a mind-numbing amount of boring reading. If you are tired of reading page after page of excruciatingly boring case law (and really, who isn’t?), check out these tips to help you get through a lot of painfully dry pages in a hurry: […]


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Networking Tips for Law Students

Networking Of Law Students

Networking! It might as well be a four-letter word because everyone seems to hate it. But it is a necessary evil–especially for aspiring lawyers. More likely than not, it’s how you will meet the people that will (hopefully) become your employers and colleagues. It is where you will meet people that can send referral business […]


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Studying Law and Being Able to Recall – Techniques That Work

Fact and figures. Dates and decisions. Statutes and stare decisis. During exams, it can be difficult to pull the right information out of your brain at just the right time. Which is why having a “recall strategy” in place as early in the semester as possible is critically important to doing well when exams roll […]


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We Pose the Question, Should You Postpone Your LSAT?

December or February? That’s the question you may be asking yourself as you prepare to take the LSAT. How you answer the question is important–it can mean the difference between getting into the law school of your choice and having to go to your second or third choice. It can also mean the difference between […]


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Law School Tip: What You Need to Remember When Choosing Classes

Torts or Taxation? Elder Law or Estates? Which law school classes are the right classes to take? These are the questions you’ll ask yourself during law school. The right path depends on your interests, goals and even which professors you’re trying to avoid (every law school has a couple curmudgeonly professors, right?). But there are some […]


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Law School Exam Prep: Stay Organized!

Law school exams. Hard? Yes. Impossible? Ye…. No. Not impossible. Why? Because you’ve studied hard and covered all possible questions in your exam prep, obviously! But even if you haven’t – and I’m sure we all fall into this category – there is a more important factor to acing law school exams than studying all […]


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Tips to Conquer Law School

For most people, going to law school is like traveling alone to a new foreign country. With all of the peculiarities associated with law school alone, there’s a lot to adjust to, and it’s easy to feel lost and alone. Here are some tips to help any new student CONQUER law school. Know What You’re […]


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Top 10 Apps for Law Students

I’ve always been a fan of apps for law lovers, and so I decided to list 10 of my favorites and give a brief rundown of each. There are so many out there though, so I’d be very interested to see which ones you recommend. Constitution for iPhone No law student should be caught without […]


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