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Succeeding In Law School, As Told By Former Law Students

law School Studies Pattern

There’s a lot of advice floating around on websites and blogs about how to succeed as a 1L. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, and some of it is just downright ugly. Much of it was written by professors, admissions counselors, and disgruntled students or unemployed law school graduates. It can […]


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Don’t Freak Out Over Finals, Hire a Law Tutor Instead

Final exams. A semester’s worth of cases, footnotes, dissents and decisions–and your final grade–all coming down to one final exam. Do you have a law tutor or are you freaking out? Stress and law school go hand in hand. In fact, a lot of old-school lawyers who cut their teeth on the Socratic method say […]


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Laws of Communication: How to Get the Most out of Your Law Tutor

When you invest in a law tutor, you want to maximize your return. You want assistance, reassurance and support. You want to know that when you have needs, your tutor will be there to help you. That means you need to step up and provide clear, concise, timely communication—and then agree up-front on outcomes. Here’s […]


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Why NOW Is Actually a Good Time to Go to Law School

If you’re thinking about going to law school–or if you’re already in law school–you may be wondering what you’re doing. Law school is hard, the economy is challenging, and the mainstream media seems to be a bit down on legal education these days. You may be having second thoughts. You may be thinking now isn’t a good […]


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Why You Need to Take Time Off Before Going to Law School

Both currently practicing lawyers and officials of law school programs are in agreement that law school applicants should take time off from school before they go to law school. Some of the top law schools in the United States have even started requiring students to take time off before starting a program. For example, Northwestern’s […]



Law Tutors: Why You Need to Hire One

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you don’t need a law tutor. After all, you finished at the top of your class in college. You’re smart. You’re driven. And there’s no way you need law school tutoring to help you succeed in law school. That’s what you’re thinking. The truth is: Everyone who’s seeking […]


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LSAT Tip: Study Each Section Separately

The law school admission test, or LSAT, is one of the most important things that stands between you and your dream of becoming a lawyer. There are many intelligent people who did not do well on the LSAT test simply because they did not know how to study for it. Reading comprehension, logical reasoning and […]


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