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Cutting Costs During Law School

Law School Fees Deduction

If you believe the headlines, law school students are graduating with more debt than ever. And while this is certainly true for some students, others are doing just fine financially once they walk the stage at commencement. Some are choosing to go part time and work their way through law school. Others are reaping the […]


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How to Get Rid of Post Exam Anxiety

Post Exam Anxiety of Law Students

Maybe Tom Petty was right. Maybe the waiting is the hardest part! After all, you know what to do to prepare for exams. You outline, read, study and repeat. There are all sorts of resources available to help you do your best during the exams. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of tools you can use […]


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Dress the Part for Your Job Interview

Law Job Interview Dress

If networking shows you where the proverbial door is and your resume gets your foot in it, the interview is where you get to walk through it and secure a permanent seat at the table. In other words, it’s the final part of the job-seeking process, and how you handle it will determine your success. […]


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The Importance of Volunteering During Law School

Law school Volunteering

Some of us may find the job competition straight out of law school to be stiff, to say the least. There are countless of fresh law school grads that are hungry and looking for their first positions. Yet, a lot of these positions require having previous and relatable work experience, but how should recent grads […]


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Laws of Communication: How to Get the Most out of Your Law Tutor

When you invest in a law tutor, you want to maximize your return. You want assistance, reassurance and support. You want to know that when you have needs, your tutor will be there to help you. That means you need to step up and provide clear, concise, timely communication—and then agree up-front on outcomes. Here’s […]


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Should You Get a Law Tutor? 5 Reasons Point to Yes

Law school students tend to share a misconception about tutors. They generally believe that law tutors are for other students–specifically, those who have fallen behind or don’t possess the academic chops to succeed on their own. The truth is, hiring a law tutor makes a lot of sense for a lot of students. Here’s why: […]


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Why NOW Is Actually a Good Time to Go to Law School

If you’re thinking about going to law school–or if you’re already in law school–you may be wondering what you’re doing. Law school is hard, the economy is challenging, and the mainstream media seems to be a bit down on legal education these days. You may be having second thoughts. You may be thinking now isn’t a good […]


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Transferring Law Schools: The Nuts and Bolts

I always dreamed of going to Georgetown Law School, but after a robustly mediocre performance at U.C. Berkeley, it wasn’t going to happen (I was so happy that I got into Cal in the first place that I didn’t bother doing much heavy-lifting once I got there). My LSAT scores were certainly no help and […]


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Part Time Law School: Pros and Cons

To go to law school full time or part time:that’s the question. The answer, of course, is different for every student who’s studying the law, and it depends on myriad variables ranging from employment status to financial situation to goals. To help you make up your mind, we’ve pulled together this list of the pros […]


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Lessons Future Lawyers Can Learn From Benjamin Civiletti

Say the name Benjamin R. Civiletti in legal circles and you will get the response, “The guy that makes $1000 an hour?” Civiletti was the first lawyer to publicly acknowledge that fee, but there is far more to him than being a high priced lawyer. Civiletti has had a very distinguished legal career, beginning with […]


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