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The Bar Exam Waiting Game

While studying for and taking the bar exam are extremely stressful, waiting for bar exam results also brings significant anxiety for many test takers.  Instead of anxiously staring at the calendar, waiting for results day to arrive, seek to spend your time on productive endeavors that will also force you to focus your attention elsewhere.  Here are a few ideas.


  1. Focus on Work. Focusing on your job is a sure way to keep your mind off bar exam results.  In addition, showing your employer a commitment to your job will likely help your career.
  2. Focus on Finding Work. If you are seeking a permanent, law-related position, continue to take steps to find such a position.  Make sure your resume is up-to-date, continue to send out resumes, and attend career conferences as well as networking events.
  3. Focus on Taking Care of Yourself. Part of being productive is taking care of yourself.  Spend some of your post-bar exam, pre-bar exam results time getting yourself mentally and physically back into shape.  During the time you were studying, you may have neglected exercising, getting sufficient sleep, or eating properly.  Fall back into a more healthy routine or jump start a new routine that incorporates healthy activities.
  4. Focus on Reconnecting. While preparing for the bar exam you may have stopped regularly communicating with family and friends.  Reconnecting and catching up will surely take your mind off of the bar exam and help you fall back into a normal routine.

On the day that results are scheduled to arrive, stay calm and have a game plan.  Should you pass, celebrate!  If you do not pass, determine in advance the friends and family members you will tell.  Also, have a plan as to how you will tell your employer.  Not passing the bar exam is not the end of the world.  But learning that you did not pass may initially leave you with a devastated feeling.  It is understandable to momentarily grieve.  What you do next will determine how your future will unfold.


Please also remember that if you do not pass the bar examination when the results come out that your bar examination results are NOT permanent.  While it is expensive and devastating, there are lots of people who can and do go on and pass the bar on their other attempts!


However, we wish you all the best in getting good bar results in the upcoming months!

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