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The Do’s and Don’ts on LSAT Test Day

The day you take the LSAT will likely be one of the most important and stressful days of your life. Do well and you might be able to punch your ticket to the law school of your choice. Struggle and, well, you might be re-taking the test in June.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that a lot of people lose a lot of sleep the night before the big test and suffer from test-day jitters. Some handle the stress well, others not so well.

To help you do your very best on this very important test, here are some LSAT test-day dos and don’ts:

Do wake up early and eat a healthy, hearty breakfast. Studies have shown that waking up early on the day of a test jump-starts your brain. Eating a healthy breakfast of fruit, whole grains and protein will also give you a boost of energy.

Don’t over-caffeinate. If you’re a regular consumer of caffeine, having one cup will get you into a normal pattern. But overdoing it—especially if you don’t regularly drink coffee or soda—can make you feel restless and eventually experience a drop in energy.

Do pack a snack to bring with you to the testing center. Breakfast might get you through the first three sections of the test, but by the second two-thirds, you’ll likely need to give your body (and brain) some added energy.

Don’t get to the testing center too early. Nothing rattles the nerves and makes you more anxious than sitting around waiting—and waiting and waiting.

Do find a way to feel comfortable after you arrive. All of the other test-takers will be nervous and feeling like it’s the first day of high school. If you can, do something to make yourself comfortable. Read a few pages of a book—for fun. Go for a short walk and burn off a little of your anxious energy. Strike up a small-talk conversation with another test-taker; just don’t talk about the test.

Don’t compare yourself to the others in the room. This test is all about you. No one else in the room is your competition at this point. It’s just you versus the standardized test. Focus. Be confident. And know that you’ve done everything you can to prepare. Quiet confidence can go a long way toward helping you succeed.

Good luck!


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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