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The Highest Paying Legal Professions

If you’re studying for a law degree, aspire to be a lawyer or are a, take a look at the highest paying legal professions to get some ideas for your future legal career.

Trial Lawyers
Many trial lawyers are among the world’s highest paid professionals. Trial lawyers typically pursue millions in legal claims and damages among their cases. This results in high fees based on percentages, hourly rates and being paid by the responsible party. Some of the top earning trial lawyers can earn anywhere from $11 million year up to about $40 million per year. Enticing, isn’t it?

Law Professor
Teaching law has its benefits. There are no trials and plenty of case studies. Law professors typically earn between $113,000 to $242,000 per year. The law professor serves as a mentor and teacher to their students. The professor gives homework, exams and builds the knowledge in the students until they are able to practice law. The professor is aided by assistants and law school tutoring programs that connect law students with qualified law tutors (kind of like ours!), and is a well-respected member of academia.

Chief Legal Officer
Large corporations often employ a Chief Legal Officer. This legal job includes overseeing the entire legal team of the corporation. The salary for the Chief Legal officer can easily range about $400,000 or more depending on the responsibilities outlined in the job. Stock options and other benefits can also boost earnings for this job.

A judge carries a lot of authority in the legal field. The judge decides the fate of those who have broken the law. Compensation for a judge, depending on the type of judge, can easily exceed $100,000 or more annually.

Litigation Support Director
Another high paying legal job is a litigation support director. This lawyer takes on the role of managing research, technology and document management. As technology emerges, the need for this job increases. This job requires attention to detail and a large background in technology. The salary for the job can surpass $200,000 per year.

Law Firm Administrator
Busy law firms need someone to handle its administrative tasks. A law firm administrator at a large firm can earn as much as a lawyer, and the requirements for this job are only a bachelors degree. Law firm administrators can earn about $300,000 at a large firm, and can even go as high as $700,000.

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