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The Importance of Volunteering During Law School

Some of us may find the job competition straight out of law school to be stiff, to say the least. There are countless of fresh law school grads that are hungry and looking for their first positions. Yet, a lot of these positions require having previous and relatable work experience, but how should recent grads have work experience if they were in school? Seems like a Catch-22 right? Not quite.

Importance Of Volunteering

Volunteer experience can easily be counted as work experience, and being a law student allows us to have a strong impact on our neighboring communities through our volunteer work. You can tailor your volunteering to your general career path idea or venture out of your comfort zone to explore areas of yourself that you probably have yet to do. For example, one can volunteer at a local county criminal justice committee and see, from the inside, how communities and board members form and think through various law processes together. You can help these boards in drafting various programs aimed at assisting the local community, and this can really help your CV stand out from the rest. If you are interested in becoming a judge, you can marshal or shadow a current judge and learn, from a first-hand experience, the daily work and processes that a judge must undertake.

On the flip side, volunteering helps us experience new aspects and in turn, help us better ourselves. One could volunteer at a local youth center and be so moved by the children that they decide to undertake a new direction in their careers. Or, one can begin volunteering at a local law clerk’s office and maybe realize that the work the clerk performs may not be exactly what they had in mind. The point being, volunteering allows one to partake in certain actions, which in turn offer us valuable and insightful experiences to aid us in having a better understanding of what we want.

Whatever and wherever your volunteer work is, volunteering in of itself is an absolute must on any CV.

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