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Tips to Conquer Law School

For most people, going to law school is like traveling alone to a new foreign country. With all of the peculiarities associated with law school alone, there’s a lot to adjust to, and it’s easy to feel lost and alone. Here are some tips to help any new student CONQUER law school.

Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into
Do some research before Day 1 and you’ll feel less overwhelmed. Buy a few books on law school and familiarize yourself with the Socratic method of teaching, briefing a case, outlining, and all the other idiosyncrasies. The more you know before you go, the more you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the beginning. (Especially because first impressions are so important in law school, both with your professors and peers.)

Get a Law Tutor
Law school tutoring is an underutilized asset to any law student’s academic career. Law tutors not only have great knowledge of the law, but they have great strategies on how to succeed in law school. Unlike your classmates, they’re familiar with law school and they aren’t competing with you, so they’re someone you can always go to for questions and trust to have on your side.

Buy Study Aids
Like hiring a law tutor, study aids are an essential part of any law student’s career. It’s difficult to get a good grasp on the law by reading the cases alone, and if you read the supplements you’ll have a solid foundation of the law and a better understanding than most of your classmates. If you don’t want to spend the money, law school libraries tend to keep a lot of them on hand.

Take Care of Your Body
In order to perform at your best academically, your body needs to be at its best. To do this:

•    Sleep: Set a regular schedule and get enough hours every night.
•    Exercise: It’s a great stress reliever as well as great for your physical health.
    Eat Well: Take the time to seek out or make healthy options. (Probably latter to cut down on your expenses.)

Prepare for Class
Take notes on and think about the material before you go, and you can listen and understand what the professor is saying instead of feeling compelled to write down every word that comes out of his or her mouth. Don’t depend on the professor to teach you the information – get a good grasp on it yourself first and then use class time to make sure you understood correctly or ask any questions.


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