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Top 10 Apps for Law Students

I’ve always been a fan of apps for law lovers, and so I decided to list 10 of my favorites and give a brief rundown of each. There are so many out there though, so I’d be very interested to see which ones you recommend.

Constitution for iPhone
No law student should be caught without instant access to the Constitution. Gain inspiration for your law school papers whenever you need some by perusing the contents of this free app.

LexisNexis Get Cases
Collect research for class assignments while standing in line at the grocery store with the LexisNexus Get Cases app. This iPhone app will help you discover relevant cases as necessary.

Familiarize yourself with the jury selection process as you study with law tutors or while you’re on your own. iJury is built for trial attorneys, but it’s a great tool for enriching your understanding of the jury selection process. The app stores information on up to 250 potential jurors. Use it to track dismissals for cause during a project. 

Kaplan MBE Flashcards
Supplement your study for the Bar Exam with this app from Kaplan. You’ll find useful flashcards and six instructional videos within this application. It features 425 legal terms along with their definitions to improve your legal vocabulary and impress your law tutor.

BARBRI Challenge
Perfect for law students and recent law school graduates who are preparing for law exams or the Bar Exam, this app fires off multiple-choice questions to really test your knowledge. Also ideal for law tutoring, all questions have to be answered within 15 minutes, simulating the timed component of law exams. You can also challenge friends and compare your score with other law students and law tutors across the nation.

Themis Bar Review
Gain access to lectures and hundreds of diagnostic assessment questions through this app. Originally created by bar exam review vets, it provides a plethora of law resources that you can access on the go to aid in your bar exam studying.

Use the LawStack app to review Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence on your iPhone and save yourself a trip to the library. You’ll also find a copy of the Constitution in this app as well, making it a great app to always have around… just in case.

Discover key dates and ace classes that challenge you with deadlines. DocketLaw is an iOS device app that calculates dates in accordance with the deadlines defined by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. 

Law students are often short on time when law school is in session. Because some classmates may be chattier than others, you may find precious study time flying away. This app logs your phone calls to your Google Calendar, so you can stay organized and track the length of all of your homework discussions and use the information to better manage your time. 

Black’s Law Dictionary
Gain access to 40,000 legal definitions and hyperlink to Westlaw resources with the Black’s Law Dictionary app. The app features 7000 audio pronunciations that will make discussing legal subjects in class much, much easier.

These are 10 of my favorite legal apps, but there are SO many more out there. Which ones do you use?

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