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Top 10 Cities for Starting Your Legal Career: 1-5

Alright, here are the Top 5 cities for starting your legal career. Do you agree about #1? Share your comments and let me know what you think.

5. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for its progressive spirit and cultural acceptance. It’s very eco-friendly – perfect for environmental lawyers – and is rich in tradition as well as earning potential. The cost of living is off the charts at over 87% that of the national average, but the average lawyer also makes an average of nearly $156,000 per year, helping to make up for this.

SanFran’s major industries include medical research, technology, finance and aerospace, creating many opportunities for entry level lawyers. It is also very close to the Silicon Valley, so if you have a change of heart about the city, you can always make a short move to Zuckerbergland.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Although Chicago is renowned for its Blues, this strictly pertains to the sweet musical vibes that run through the veins of the Windy City, not employment. It has one of the best social scenes for young professionals and some of the nicest people in the US (it’s that ‘Midwestern hospitality’). Lawyers on average make over $140,000, and the cover of living is only 26.5% above the national average, making every dollar stretch a bit more. In addition, 3 of its major industries are insurance, finance and manufacturing, providing ample opportunity for entry level legal professionals.

And while weather can be a deterrent for some, the change in seasons is what adds to Chicago’s allure and makes it one of the most special big cities in America.

3. Los Angeles, California

While it might seem like there aren’t a lot of legal jobs in the surfing, plastic surgery and sunglass industries (#stereotype’d), Los Angeles legal industry is arguably the most diverse in the nation. You have the opportunity to work in virtually all industries as a lawyer and make an eye-popping $150,000 on average each year.

Sure the cost of living is nearly 56% higher than the national average (and 10% lower than New York City), but what is not to love about Southern California’s endless summer and how it perfectly encapsulates virtually every positive review (song) by the Beach Boys? Its laid-back culture can also be a lifesaver for law student, law tutor or recent law school graduate, as the stresses of a new legal job can really be taxing and when that happens, there is only one thing calling your name: the beach.

2. Washington, D.C.

Lawyers rule Washington D.C., both in terms of total number (highest concentration of legal professionals in the US) and respect. Not only is the nation’s capital the political nucleus of America, but it is also very diverse in terms of law jobs. From working for the federal government and big non-profit organizations to opting to go into private practice, in-house or lobbying, D.C. is your oyster. Because there are so many big time lawyers in the city, people know that the profession carries weight and treat you accordingly.

It is also home many hip neighborhoods and a great atmosphere for young professionals. And because of its location on the eastern seaboard, you can easily take a weekend trip to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia or even St. Louis. The cost of living is quite high at nearly 66% higher than the national average, but lawyers earn an average of $145,000 yearly, helping to make up for it.

1. New York City, New York

The Big Apple is heaven on earth for recent law school graduates. Aside from its incredibly large population – well over 8 million residents, making it America’s most populous city – and thriving social scene, it is the land of opportunity in terms of both business and law. It is home to some of the world’s most important big law firms, and thanks to Wall Street, NYC is a Mecca for financial and private equity law.

As we all know though, its cost of living is through the roof and is the highest on this list, 64.5% higher than the national average. But so too is its average annual salary for lawyers at $156,000, which is well ahead of all other cities aside from LA and D.C. So for recent law school graduates and law tutors, the ‘City that Never Sleeps’ is where long hours and hard work are an added incentive to make every Friday and Saturday night count.


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