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The Top 10 Legal Shows on Television

Sometimes your mind needs a little break from law school. Sometimes you just want to crash on the couch and enjoy a little mindless entertainment. Now might be one of those times.
If you need to tune in and zone out, here are the top 10 television shows that focus on legal issues–and will help you remember that all of your hard work in law school can help you lead a truly fascinating life once you graduate: Legal Television Shows

#10 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
This show is part of the venerable Law & Order franchise, so you know what to expect. What makes it great, however, is how it rips its storylines straight from today’s headlines.
#9 The Good Wife
It’s smart and well-written. The acting is outstanding. And who doesn’t love high-profile cases, love triangles and a lot of back-stabbing?
#8 Law & Order: SVU
If you have a fondness for the salacious, you will love Law & Order: SVU. It follows a scenario as police and attorneys try to take down some of the sickest criminals you can imagine.
#7 Ally McBeal
It’s funny and fun–and sometimes that is exactly what you need. Find it on Netflix today and your mind will be refreshed by tomorrow.
#6 Silk
Silk is full of politics, intrigue, and Machiavelian storylines that will blow your mind. There isn’t a lot of courtroom drama, but the behind the scenes scandals are worth watching.
#5 Boston Legal
It might be nothing more than pulp, but it sure is fun. For five seasons, this show let lawyers win cases they had no business winning–just by delivering brilliant closing arguments. Watch Boston Legal and you just might become inspired to pursue a career as a trial lawyer.
#4 L.A. Law
Want to know what it’s like to work at one of the largest law firms in L.A.? Watch L.A. Law and you’ll get a taste of all the personal and professional drama big-time lawyers face. It’s fascinating.
#3 The Practice
This is another one based in Boston. But unlike Boston Legal, it took a more serious approach. You’ll see highly accomplished lawyers taking on some of the biggest cases.
#2 Law & Order
When something spawns three or four other successful series, you know it’s good. And the original Law & Order is almost the best.
#1 Perry Mason
For sheer entertainment, you can’t beat Perry Mason. It is simply the best.

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