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Top 5 Tips to Study for the Bar Exam

1.    Consider hiring an experienced law tutor to help you study. Law school tutoring can be the answer if you’re having trouble studying for the bar exam. Law tutors help students focus on the task at hand, and at the same time help fill in the gaps of substantive law; issues that are likely to be on the exam. You can check our extensive nationwide law tutor database to see the profiles of and find law tutors in your area.

2.    Talk to lawyers who recently passed the bar exam. They can let you know the kinds of questions that are current. Of course it’s no guarantee that these same questions will be on the exam when you take it, but it’s worth trying. They can also give you insight into their experience with the exam, including how they studied for it, any helpful tools they used, what no to do when taking the exam (including stress!) and much more.

3.    Within one month prior to the exam, do not speak to anyone else who is preparing for it. This is a psychological issue: you will think others are better prepared than you (which is unlikely); it will sour your attitude and take you off focus. You have enough anxiety about the bar exam; don’t look for more. It could also detract you from your thought and analysis processes, completely undermining what/how you’ve studied and how you make conclusions about complex issues that will appear on the exam.

4.    Don’t find a new place to study; stick to your familiar habits. If you always put in an hour of study before breakfast, don’t stop now. If baroque music in the background always helped you to concentrate, it will continue to do so for the bar exam. Don’t try new study techniques just because it’s a bigger test. What’s gotten you here has obviously worked, so stick with it.

5.    Get exercise. Studying for the bar exam is not just an intellectual exercise. It’s psychological and physical as well. If you’re physically fit you will be calmer, sleep better, and most important, you will retain more of what you study. Your brain needs oxygen, not worries.


This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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