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Waiting for Bar Exam Results? Be a Wedding MC!

Congratulations to everyone who took bar exams the last couple weeks!!!  Now you’re waiting for your bar exam results (not fun).  And you’re reading this article and I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking – did I just read that right?  I just took the worst test of my life and the headline for this article is to be a Wedding MC?  You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me!


I know, I know- well believe me- I’ve been there and I’ve also been the person who was waiting for bar results the second time round.  It was an unpleasant experience.  Not yet an attorney but heavily in student loan debt I was scared. And I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I was living at home with family and – yes –I was broke.  My other friends were off to their attorney jobs, making a good paycheck and I was stuck waiting for bar results (again).


So I did whatever I had to do- yes, whatever I had to do to make money.   I worked at the Macaroni Grill (for two weeks until I realized that they wanted me to take another test at which point I quit- I did learn how to spell my name upside down).  I auditioned for a radio show where I meant “Poorman”, the original Loveline creator.  I was a sales cold-caller for a dating website.  I volunteered at a family and criminal law firm.  I was receptionist for a family law attorney.  And yes, I was a Wedding MC.  Where did I find the time?


I laugh about those couple months of my life now.  I was lucky I did pass the bar exam my next time round, but I realized looking back at that time that those months of my life were actually pretty fun.


FindMyLawTutor recently spoke with some bar review takers (on the night before the California Bar Examination) and law students who are attending law school this fall.  When asked what the stress level was from 0-10 one bar taker said “My stress level is a 15.”


So now you are all sitting, waiting for bar examination results.  You’re most likely relieved that the exam is finished but also nervous about results.  Well, here are a couple tips about what to do these next couple months:


  • Meet Lawyers from all fields, keep business cards, email, and follow up.  Yes, try to go to law mixers, get business cards, get some business cards made for yourself and give them out, and most importantly keep in touch.


  • Have some Fun Odd Jobs (it’s ok and it’s not forever).  You may be lucky and have a paid legal job.  You may also be not so lucky and not have a paid legal job right now.  If you do not have a paid legal job it is alright to work some crazy odd jobs for money.  It will not be forever and it will just be a paycheck to get you through till your bar examination results come out.


  • Experiment with New Areas of Law.  Try volunteering during this time a couple days a week where you are meeting and doing an area of law that you do want to practice.  This will allow you to decide where you want to apply and give you something to put on your resume when you receive your bar results.


  • Plan for if you don’t pass.  Plan for if you do.  Yes, you need to make a budget and make a plan for if you pass the bar examination and if you fail the bar examination.  Call the student loan companies.  Find out when your law school loans are due and for how much.  How long can you forebear or defer? How much does it cost to take the bar again?  How are you and your family going to live if you have to take the test again?  If you do pass the bar examination, where are you going to apply?  What kinds of people do you need to meet during these next couple months for the job you would like to have if you pass?


Most importantly congratulations on taking the bar- enjoy these next couple months and good luck on your upcoming results!


What are you doing while you are waiting for bar results? We’d love to hear about it!  Email us at contact@findmylawtutor.com.

This article was written by FindMyLawTutor.com.

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