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What 1Ls Should Do During Winter Break

Finally! The first semester of your first year of law school is over. Winter break has arrived and … now what?

For about a month, you’re not going to be required to read anything, show up anywhere or answer a barrage of intimidating questions in front of 65 of your closest competitors.

What’s a 1L to do during winter break? Hibernate? Celebrate? Or something else entirely?

Here are three ideas that will help set you up for success in the second semester:

Relax Plan for Law Students In Winter Break
You’ve just accomplished something that, statistically speaking, very few people in the country will ever do: survive the first semester of law school.

It was intense. It was intimidating. It was unlike anything you’ve ever experienced—and you made it through. Sure, you might not have done all that well in Civil Dispute Resolution, but there will be time to think about that after you take a few days to clear your mind, kick back and relax.

OK, you’ve relaxed for a while. Now it’s time to reflect, get all introspective and figure out what worked and what didn’t. You don’t want to simply survive law school; you want to thrive. So take some time to look at how you studied, who you associated with and what you did when you weren’t in class. Did it work? If so, how can you improve it? If not, figure out how to change it up so the second semester is better than the first.

After you’ve relaxed and reflected, it’s time to prepare for the next semester. Believe it or not, the second semester of your first year of law school is every bit as important (if not more) than your first. It’s an opportunity for you correct your course, maintain your momentum and set yourself up for a successful summer.
Think about the classes you have scheduled and connect with a tutor who can help you start developing a strategy to do well in them. Think about what areas of law you might be interested in and create a plan that puts you in front of the people who hire summer associates in those areas of law. And then make plans to take a vacation once the second semester is over. By then you’ll have gotten through an entire year. And that’s something worth celebrating.


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