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What to Expect During Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday season. It’s usually the first real break of the semester and marks the pause right before the final push to the end of the term. For many, it’s an opportunity to go home and spend some time with family and friends and finally take a break from school. But for law school students, it normally represents a window of opportunity to try and catch up on all the work that has been slowly starting to pile up. So, for law students, Thanksgiving isn’t usually seen as a break, just less work. ThanksGiving Celebration in Law School

Here’s what one can expect heading into the Thanksgiving Break.

Start putting together a mental to-do list/finals roadmap
Without even opening your law books, try to have a general idea on where you at with your classes at this point in the semester. Are you having trouble in one class or falling behind in another? Conversely, are their classes that you feel you are caught up with and have a strong understanding of the course material? Start creating a hierarchy between your classes.

Mentally, start preparing yourself.
Once you have your classes prioritize, then open up your books. Go over your materials and try to highlight areas that you are having the most trouble with. Instead of spending the entire break reviewing the entire semester, segment your study load by your strengths and weaknesses. Within these segments, create sub-lists that further isolate and highlight troubled areas. That way, you’ll be able to study more effectively and save time.

Actually take a break from studying.
We know it can be tempting to use Thanksgiving break as a way to get completely caught up on work and studying, but do remember that is called a break for a reason. Cramming your head with loads upon loads of study material will eventually leave your brain feeling exhausted and irretentive, thus rendering all your studying useless. Instead, close the books and actually take a break.

But most importantly, spend time with your family. The Thanksgiving break should be used as a time to relax and spend quality time with your family and close friends. It’s equally important to not neglect your familial and social relations, as it is to keep up with your studying. So close the books and relax.


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