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What You Can Do to Keep Your Study Motivation

For all you law school students studying this November….Law school is tough.  Taking the Bar is Tough!  No matter what some may say, it is simply not possible to succeed in law school without focus and hard work.  In order to remain focused on the daunting task of keeping up with hundreds and hundreds of pages of caselaw and understanding numerous complicated legal concepts, you must be motivated.  Sure, attaining the goal of graduation with a J.D. degree and a getting a job as a practicing attorney should be motivation enough.  However, no matter how important finishing law school at the top of your class is to you, for many students that are times when it is hard to see the light at the end of the very long, dark tunnel.  For those times, here are a few strategies to stay motivated and stay on task.


Motivation In Law School

  1. Join or Form a Study Group
    Participating in a study group has many advantages such as keeping you from procrastinating, getting multiple perspectives on complicated concepts, and learning new study techniques. One important additional advantage is that members of study groups offer support to each other.  When one member starts to lose motivation, other members are there to offer encouragement.  Furthermore, you are less likely to let your work slip if you know that it will affect other members of the study group who depend on your input.


  1. Take a Sanity Break

One of the best ways to remain motivated to study is to stop studying.  Huh?  Yes, taking sanity breaks helps break up the tedium of long study days.  I do not mean that you should take a quick 10 minute break to check your email or have a cup of coffee.  Take an hour or two off every once in a while to have dinner with a friend, catch up on TV programs that you have DVRed, or go to a yoga class.  Doing so will allow both your body and mind to relax and recharge.  This is an important part of self-care that you should incorporate into your schedule.  You will be surprised to discover that when you get back to the books your energy and motivation levels have climbed.


  1. Get Help With As Many Avenues As Possible
    If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed and losing motivation, get help. It is important to tap into the many available resources to help law students succeed.  If you are struggling to keep up with the workload at law school try different resources.  There may be a tip in a book that may help streamline your studying.


Remember that law school is only a few years out of your lifetime.  Each semester is only a few months.  If you remind yourself of the big picture, of the ultimate goal and incorporate the above-mentioned strategies, you may find that it is just a little bit easier to get up each morning to go to class and then hit the books after class.

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