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Why Hiring a Law Tutor is a Good Idea

The aspiring lawyer has three major occasions on which they will want to think about hiring a law tutor: studying for the Law School Aptitude Test; during law school itself; and when studying to take the bar examination. Why is it a good idea to hire law tutors in any of these circumstances? There are four cardinal reasons:

1.    A skilled law tutor will teach learning strategies and how to navigate through the test or class work.
2.    The tutor will have and impart substantive knowledge.
3.    Whenever you have a question or are in a slump, you can easily reach out to them and get help/answers whenever you need them. This trumps having to search online for help or waiting for your next class or professor’s office hours.
4.    Law tutoring can inspire, motivate and create structures that help students push through these sometimes difficult experiences.

Studying for standardized tests like the LSAT and the bar exam is not a simple matter of knowing some subject areas and then taking the test. It is critical instead to understand HOW to take the test, what do when facing a question that seems unanswerable, how to portion out your time and knowing what the test examiners are seeking. That is why most students take a class or get personal help before they submit to these tests, and why a law tutor is consequently invaluable. Tutors use sample questions, online resources, practice writing exercises and manuals to get students fully up to speed and to create a disciplined environment for study.

Law school tutoring is somewhat different. As a long, arduous and unnerving experience, law school demands a level of performance that most students have never encountered no matter what their undergraduate experience. Law tutors can help shell-shocked first years to understand the teaching methodology known as the Socratic Method, and guide them through the challenges of being called upon to dissect esoteric doctrines and defend their positions off the cuff.

In the remaining years of law school, motivation to study, inspiration to be at one’s best, and continued guidance through the thickets of regulatory law, doctrinal courses, skills laboratories, and writing and research exercises will come from the law school tutor and leave students in the best position to graduate with high grades. Tutors will use a diversity of tools: small group sessions, how-to guides, personal attention and online aids.

Getting into law school, performing successfully as a law student, and passing the bar are milestones that no students should have to hazard unaided. Skilled law tutors are the answer.


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