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Why NOW Is Actually a Good Time to Go to Law School

If you’re thinking about going to law school–or if you’re already in law school–you may be wondering what you’re doing. Law school is hard, the economy is challenging, and the mainstream media seems to be a bit down on legal education these days.

You may be having second thoughts. You may be thinking now isn’t a good time to go to law school.

But the truth is, now is a great time to be in law school. Here’s why.

It’s never been easier to be accepted. Right now, fewer people are applying to law schools, so law schools are aggressively competing for students. This means it’s never been easier to get admitted. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. You still need to have a good GPA, an excellent LSAT score, and a powerful personal statement. But right now, you’re chances of being accepted to the school you really want to get into is better than ever.

Scholarships are more plentiful than ever. Sure, there are still a lot of grants and a lot of loans available; but the real reason to go to law school now is all the scholarships.

Law schools are giving out scholarships at a greater rate than ever before. In fact, one law school in the north recently announced that 90 percent of last year’s entering class got a scholarship. That’s free money; it doesn’t have to be paid back. And the best part is that you can negotiate offers–don’t get as much of a scholarship from the school you really want to go to? Tell them about a better offer from another school. Chances are they’ll get into a bidding war for you.

Jobs. Why go to law school? To get a job. And, as the economy improves, law firms are going to add more and more jobs. And who’s going to get them? Recent law school graduates, that’s who. If you’re among them, you’ll have a great chance of landing a great job.

And, because fewer people are going to law school, you’ll have less competition. That’s a good thing.

Law schools are still where the best go to become better. And right now the best of the best can find better deals. That’s you. And once you’re in, if you do really well–if you work hard, hire a law tutor and finish near the top–you might be able to write your own ticket.

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