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Why You Should Pursue a Career in Family Law

Follow your heart or chase the money. That’s a common question for law school students who are thinking about how they want to put their degrees to work.

One of the best things about a J.D. is that it’s extremely pliable. If you’re chasing the money, your J.D. can get you into the door at a large law firm, where starting salaries are six-plus figures. It can take you to the boardroom as a general counsel in business. If you want to follow your heart, you’ll be in high demand among non-profits, social-service providers and government agencies.

And if you want both, it can allow you to hang out a shingle and specialize in an area of law that’s both inspiring and financially rewarding–an area such as family law.

On the surface, family law might not seem very sexy. After all, who wants to spend their days listening to the inane bickering of men and women going through a divorce? But if you look a little closer, you might discover that becoming a family law attorney has a lot of benefits…


No Shortage of Clients

Every year, more than 5 million people in the United States get married. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re a family law lawyer) 40 to 50 percent of those marriages will end in divorce.

That’s a lot of people who need an attorney.

But family law goes far beyond divorces. It also includes working on estate planning issues, adoptions, immigration cases and health care-related legal problems.


Use All Your Skills and Knowledge

One of the best things about being a family law attorney is that you can, if you choose, do all the things you learned to do in law school.

Family law is about negotiations and transactions. It’s also about contracts and litigation.

You truly get to do almost everything you’ve been trained to do when you practice family law. One day you can be writing up a will, the next you could be arguing a case in divorce court. It adds variety to your day and can make your career much more exciting.


Cash Flow

When you’re a family law attorney, you can be very creative in how you make money. Divorce cases can be lucrative. You can also set up “quick hitters”–healthcare directives, wills, etc. Pay your bills with the easy stuff and build wealth with the complicated cases.

All while helping people.


About the Author
Sumita Dalal is the Founder and CEO of FindMyLawTutor, the largest and most trusted website and online portal that connects law students with law tutors for success in law school. Whether preparing for the LSAT, are currently a law student or are studying for the bar exam, FindMyLawTutor makes finding a law tutor fast and easy.

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